I feel like I should write something.

Not sure what exactly I’m in the mood to write. It’s like I have a lot bouncing around in my noggin’ – just not sure it is ready to tumble out.

For example, a friend of mine yesterday discovered thanks to the Facebook algorithm in trying to guess at who you know that a play partner she has had for many many years has possibly been cheating on his girlfriend, now wife.  My friend was aware he was in a relationship and engaged and was told repeatedly that his girlfriend was not into kink but blessed his desire to get his kinks on outside of their relationship.  What prompted her to question this explanation he’s been using for years is the fact that when she’s asked him questions about her, he has given her answers she has now discovered are lies.


Through the conversation, it occurred to me that he had given her a lot of red flags that this was the case, but because she came into non-monogamy through kink, she did not see them.  But as someone who came to it via swinging, they were crystal clear to me.

It started making me wonder how many kinky people have missed signs that maybe the ethical non-monogamist they are playing with are actually not doing it ethically.

Yeah, that’s as far as that writing has gotten.

I could write about the developer who bought the property behind us, started building it out (because the city is very keen on taking nice lot sizes and having people build additional housing on them), and then had his contractor tell us how he was going to tear down and move our fence because it would be easier than working with us to get access to the back of one of the units.

Long story short, I happened to flip out at this news in earshot of the contractor.  The developer showed up on on the work site 30 minutes later.  And 5 minutes after that, he was on my door step apologizing, begging forgiveness, and getting an education as to why I was flipping out.  Upon seeing what was really going to be involved, he was suddenly backpedaling like mad from the proposed good plan.  Needless to say, plan B is in place – and he is looking to make things good for us (as good as they can be given we have that crap being built behind us).  It was refreshing at the end of the day to know there were still people out there looking to do the right thing not just whatever benefits them the most.

I could brag a bit about DJ.  She has been part of this outdoor survival program for 2 years now – as a leader-in-training meaning they see her as having potential to take on more of a leader/camp counselor role in the future, so are taking a chance on her by giving her the program for basically nothing.  She LOVES it.  It’s definitely her thing which is fun to see.  The woods truly feed her soul and energy in a way that I cannot describe but you can feel when you are around her on days she has camp.

Last night, G got a call from the owner of the survival program.  DJ’s name has been coming up more and more among the counselors that work for him.  People see great potential in her – they like her work ethical and her leadership skills and thinking.  He would like to formally invite her to take place in a special training session he’s doing for only the best of the best of the teens with potential.  It’s not of the usual flavor but really involves getting immersed into nature – into the surroundings – being one with the environment they are part of.  Would she be interested?  WOW. And fuck yes.  So, this weekend, she will be off for a day long training with him.  She is excited.  And we are excited for her.

Like I told G last night, I cannot help but wonder how many times they have pulled her file and checked her birthday to see if she really is just 15, and not old enough for their paid summer internship at the program.  I’m guessing her name has come up a lot recently while they are getting ready for choosing their interns.  No worries though – she will do it unpaid.  She loves that program so much, I expect that, like last  year, she will be spending more time in the woods than at home.

I could write about my Saturday night and how chaperoning a teen party with Daddy can be quite fun in its own dirty way…..but, well……I think I just want to keep that between him and me right now.

You can call me a tease, but well, I’m writing about what’s bouncing around my head – you don’t get all details of each item.

I could also write about work – and how that through the act of betting aligning the group and what they are working on, the management is creating even more chaos and confusion.  But, well, that’s just boring.  I will have to mention that I’m grateful to have a mentor who understands my frustration and annoyance and is a good person to check-in with to make sure I’m not the crazy one.  She did say that I am crazy but only because I want to approach this process with logic and rationalization vs the same craziness as others. Then she reminded me that we are the bat shit crazy ones – and thank goodness for that!  I truly do love this woman for exactly this reason.

Or I could write about how my ass hurts thanks to tossing myself straight back into the deep end of the exercise program I had to take a pause on doing while I was sick and out of town.  But I’m sure it would be more interesting if my ass hurt, not from squats and lunges through the program, but from more sexy and kinky means.

To end, I leave you with one thought for this Wednesday:

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