I feel this. Truly. I was away from SB for almost two weeks. And while that time apart could have extinguished what we have – I only felt the opposite.

The weekend was great together – a time when we reconnected – talked, laughed, kissed, and just enjoyed each others energy.

It is never easy when life separates us.

But knowing it is a bump in the road, not something derailing us – well, it makes it easier.  I don’t feel like any part of our flame, if you will, was affected negatively. Instead, it burned brighter – made it greater.  Trials of separation are only temporary. They are not easy (if they were, they would not be trials).  But boy, does the reunion feel good – feel right.

I wish we wouldn’t have to be apart – but it’s nice knowing that even if we are – even if it is very hard on us both, that when we come back together, all is well.

That is love.

Plain and simple.

I like that.

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