When I was young, Sundays were the day where my dad would watch old movies playing on TV.  We would watch old westerns or old black and white war movies. It never mattered – he would flip it over and that was what TV on Sunday was playing.

I remember the first time I saw McLintock.  John Wayne – Maureen O’Hara – John Wayne’s son – Jerry Van Dyke – Stefanie Powers. It was an all star cast. Loosely based on The Taming of the Shrew, it starts with GW’s wife showing up after being away – there to meet their daughter who was coming home from college.  She is angry at him for something – he had no idea why.  There are cowboys and Indians (forgive the non-PC label).  There is young love. And the realization that both mother and daughter really needed a spanking to get their egos under control.

I recall watching this and love it.  Loved the comedy. Loved the way the story unfolded. Love the fight scene. Loved the celebrations.  Loved it all….

But what I really REALLY loved….was the spanking scenes.  The idea that the women are in need of a good spanking to get them to stop the bullshit behavior and start acting the way they truly felt, well, uhm… a tween, I found it stirred something in me that I did not realize was there nor understood.

I later understood but felt conflicted. How can I like something that slaps feminism in the face? It’s wrong, so wrong, right?  How can it turn me on so much?

Then I hit a point I did not care.

I found it hot. I loved the movie. Fuck it.

Watching it today with Daddy was interesting.  Turns out when he first saw it, he found the same scenes quite hot too.  So we watched it, curled up on the couch together, sipping our coffee, and laughing as the movie progressed.

“Fred has missed you – I should go get Fred so he can be right here in case I find the urge to pull you over my lap and paddle your ass.”

I squirmed.

Then I was thankful I was sitting on a towel as there would have been a wet spot.

Soon after, he got up and disappeared into the other room – then came back with Fred….that fucking paddle that is a pain on my ass.  He tucked Fred into the cushion next to him as we started watching more.

I guess it goes without saying that at some point, after the movie’s end, I ended up over his lap, Fred in hand, he spanked me – the commented how wet I was for someone who hated that was made.  As was the comment that at least I wasn’t being spanked with a coal shovel…

Why do I feel like that will be his next toy for the toybag?

And I thought Fred was trouble.

Fred still is – my ass will confirm that….but damn…..a coal shovel, public scene…..I need a moment alone with a vibrator now.

Gods am I happy Daddy is such a helpful sadist.

Several times while we watched TV, I ended up over his lap while he had Fred in hand. Needless to say that I ended up nice and floaty and high.

I love him.

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  1. jfbreak says:

    One of my favorite movies. And Maureen O’Hara was such a beauty. I have to laugh because whenever we watch this old classic, my wife always gets that grin on her face during the spanking scenes and gives me the look as if to say, “You know that’s what I need.”

    1. emmyrtws says:

      I hope when she gives you that look, you can accommodate! 🙂

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