Treading Water

I feel like I should write something.  So I’ll start with a great horned owl swimming:



This week has been a fun emotional one for me. Frustration, sadness, loneliness….it seems like for every good moment there have been several emotional ones in the other direction. Maybe the video is a good way of showing what I’m feeling.  The owl was driven into the water by two peregrines.  It was forced into the water to get away from them.  I feel a bit like that myself.  Like I need to be —> over there where no one else is so that I can get away from the bullshit and other crap being brought to me, treading water for a while until it passes, and I can go back to the norm.

Until then, I’m trying hard to focus on the positive:

  • I am loved.
  • I have great kids who are growing up too fast, but are also too funny.
  • I have a pit-a-roo who loves me.
  • I am working in a not-so-crazy department which is allowing me to exhale & not stress so much.
  • I have my Christmas shopping almost done.
  • I have exercised more this week than usual – and I’m feeling it in good ways.
  • I have three full days with my Daddy next week – at one of our favorite places.
  • It is raining making it feel less cold than it has in weeks.
  • Watching DJ with her first dating experience is very cute.
  • Seeing Indigo’s video she made after she drove the VW bus several blocks makes me giggle each time I watch it.

Life is good – despite the other stuff.

Gotta keep focusing on that positive.


What do you think?

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