Motivational Monday #181

Kinda crazy to think that prior to this one, I have done 180 of these posts spanning three and a half years.  Damn.

The could’a, should’a, would’a thinking doesn’t let you stay in the moment. The moment is the only place you can ensure you don’t regret or feel guilty about what you did or did not do – later, when that moment has passed.


I read another one today that said “when you are at your worst, look around and see who is still standing there – that is your family.”  I liked the concept on the surface because I have found that those who know me, know when I have these moments that it is not who I am at the core – they help me through it by standing by me.  Those people who do that are precious.


I love the simplicity of this one because, well, at the end of the day if you want action, you must take action.  Plain and simple.  Want your life to change? Change it.  Want a new opportunity? Seek it.  Want to be happy? Then be happy.  It truly is that simply.

It’s amazing how many people stray off the path and lose credibility along their journey because they feel every dog barking at them must have a rock thrown at it.  They spend so much time throwing rocks that they lose sight of where they are going – lose sight of who they are trying to be – and instead become the person who isn’t out to change the world, just out to throw rocks and become no different than those barking dogs.

What do you think?

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