My Surreal Life

“OMG – I totally LOVED the year HUMP featured this couple – and they went into the woods, he tied her up, and spun her around while suspended from a tree.  It was AMAZING!”

One of our two favorite bar staff members at a local brew pub we frequent.  She and her cohort – a gay man – had gone to see HUMP together for the second year in a row.  We learned this after she made a hand gesture in his direction, and he started laughing hysterically with a bit of disbelief that she had done that at work.  This lead to us asking what that was about – and getting the whole story about it.

She was fixated on the kink aspect.

“Yeah, we know the couple in the video.  Hell, I know the people who shot the video, took photos, and loaned their land for the shoot.”

“YOU DO!??! OMG!! It was my favorite one last year – the intensity was amazing.  How do you know them?”

G looked at me, grinned, then pointed to me as he turned to her and said “Oh, because she’s kinky and into that stuff.”

Without thinking, I responded saying that he didn’t have much to say given he knows rope too.

“YOU DO??!”  She seriously had stopped working at this point, leaving her cohort to pick up the slack.  “How do you know how?” she asked as she leaned into where were were sitting.

G explained he had taken classes – lots of practice, etc.  Then he glances as me with a grin and a “do you mind?”  I knew what he was asking and said “go for it”.

“Wanna experience what it’s like to be in rope?”

Here eyes got big as saucers – then she asks “What do you mean? Like hanging in rope?”

Back and forth they went, talking about what it would mean, what it would not mean – and in the middle of her response to something he had said, she stopped, looked at me, and asked, “How can you listen to all of this and be okay with it?”

I started laughing and said, “Oh, because we’re poly.”

This launched her into a whole other serious of exclamations and stream of consciousness about how her mentor who she loves is poly and how much she admires those that choose that path and her own personal examination of it herself and, and and…..

Her cohort came to grab her at this point. It was Friday night – and they are both serving the people at the bar but also doing all alcohol orders for the restaurant.  It was time she started helping again.

Over the remaining time there, she would pop over and ask more questions.  Her enthusiasm and curiosity was hilarious.  She went on her break before they could pin down the details for her tasting with rope.  A boyfriend was mentioned as someone who would need to agree with it.  G suggested he come along too.  And I just sat there laughing.  She was truly excited. G being helpful like that – and actually enjoying giving people tastings that are only that – tastings with no nudity or anything – left his contact info and a note saying the offer was serious.

We’ll see what happens.  Regardless, it made for an interesting “date night with G”.  Who knew a soak and dinner would lead to discussions with strangers about kink and poly and rope.

Life is so surreal sometimes.

Just like last night – having Indigo respond to a joke G and I made about him leaving and being replaced with a new dad.  “I hope it’s SB,” she commented as she left the room.  DJ almost collapsed from laughter – how much her sister sees without understanding.

Yep – life is surreal sometimes…..

….but really fucking awesome!

What do you think?

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