Hurry Up and Wait

The last few weeks have been crazy busy for me at work.  Long workdays – too much work, not enough time – everyone wanting it yesterday.

Middle of last week – the crickets started.  A busy week trying to get things resolved to get one of my projects propelled forward…well, fell on its face because the key person needed because unavailable.


This week, it’s more of the same but worse.  Two projects are in holding patterns as they await deployment in a few weeks. One is pretty much done – and the other has a couple of things going on but nothing earth shattering.  So the only one left…..the one I need the person and her time to get kickstarted – well, that isn’t going to go anywhere given she is tied up with some outside people all week.

So here I am….Yawn.

IMG_0049I am ready for the rain to start up again.  It would be warmer out than right now. But the trade off?  No more gorgeous sunrises.  The upside of where I sit now is that I get an elevated view of the sunrising over the city.  But fuck is it cold walking into work.

And apparently I need to either A) find another place to park in the morning or B) back into a parking spot where no one is around me.  Why?



Someone as they are backing out of their spot keeps rubbing the right back corner of my car.  No damage – just paint that will come off.  This is the 2nd time in a few weeks where I have found white paint on my car.  Fuckers.

(and no, my tire isn’t flat – it’s just the angle.)

Tomorrow, SB and I are going to see this lady talk about her new book:

I am SO excited! She is such a fascinating woman.  Follow her on Facebook or Twitter – and you’ll see an intelligent, thoughtful, and emotional connected-to-her-fans person that you wouldn’t expect.

Here is her TED talk that spurred the book –

Then after the book tour – it’s me and SB curled up together for the night.  I cannot wait. I need to feel him around me and me around him.  Funny how I crave it.

Happy Tuesday!

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