Motivational Monday #169

Getting better is what gets us through things – it makes something that once seemed impossible, possible to get through.  Not that the situation eased up, but because we get stronger.  I like that way of thinking about things.


When I have free time, it’s too easy to get caught up in one of your many roles doing something that isn’t what you, yourself, would choose.  Sometimes going off alone means time to process your own stuff, do your own thing on your own time, and just be you.  Important thing to do.

Pivot points of change are not always large things, they are not always loud things that say “this will change your life”. Often they are quite decisions – seemingly small in nature, but upon reflection make you realize that it was the biggest thing you could have done for yourself.  Don’t overlook the small things.  Also, using a running example, small steps get you up a hill – not large ones.  Large ones exhaust you and make it harder to continue once you are on top.  Small steps get you there – and make it so you can keep going.


We all spend lots of time trying to fighting and worrying about how others define up – are we living up to their expectations? Fuck it – live up to our own – do what makes your world brighter.  Screw the rest of it.

What do you think?

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