Bull By The Horns

The zodiac is always one of those things I can take or leave. Like anything, you can find yourself in it if you look hard enough.  As I have been reminded for most of my life – I’m a Taurus born in the year of the Ox (per Chinese zodiac).  Bull + Ox = uhm, yeah.

There are times, however, I will come across summarizations about the Taurus that definitely speak the truth in how I think.  Or why I react how I am.

Last night – I got hit with a 1-2 punch of bullshit (no pun intended) in about 30 mins of each other.  And I was beyond pissed about both…..then I came across these – that speak the truth as to why….

I am like this. I am like this because I am not stupid – I am not to be taken advantage of. Last night, I got a lengthy email – 6 paragraphs long that started out with “I’m not trying to criticize”…..the BUT was implied because the rest was “her feedback”.  Tell me you aren’t trying to criticize – then spend 5 paragraphs giving feedback and explanation about why you aren’t criticizing. Uhm….fuck off.

And this is a great reason why I was sensitive with the other person I dealt with.  Common sense? Nope. Double standards? Yep. Consistent? Only if consistently inconsistent works.  I do not do well with lack of common sense or consistency.  If I wanted mystery each time I was dealing with something, I would read a fucking mystery novel.  Also, remind me again how I’m supposed to think? Yeah, wrong thing to say to me.

And I guess this is why I hate this – if I feel manipulated or taken advantage of, I grow furious – I am angry beyond what people understand. And while people will be like “let go”…..I do – I just don’t forget.

What do you think?

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