Choices & Outcomes


Right there – this….is the sign I wanted to tattoo backwards on certain people’s foreheads yesterday.

Friend who is in a rut and is trying to get out of it by doing the same things she is doing today just with more gusto!

Friend who struggles to find partnership after going headlong into relationships very quickly.  Continues to do it as a way to gauge if people are genuine – then wonders why the other person scrambles away quickly as they are hit with more than they are prepared to take.

Friend who regardless of the help people try to offer, refuses to make any changes, but will continue to bitch and moan that nothing in her life is improving.

That summarizes my late afternoon and early evening.

Right there.

Regardless of who I was dealing with – the advice is the same – if what you are doing is not working, CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!  Don’t continue to go down the path – change course.  Don’t keep going left because that’s what you’ve always done – turn back, go right, go straight – whatever – just do something different.

Oh, and while I’m on this rant – don’t blame others for why shit keeps happening to you. I isn’t happening because someone isn’t being the kind of friend you need – it isn’t happening because people hate you or don’t want you to succeed – it’s happening because you are not owning what is happening to you – you are making it everyone else’s fault/problem.  Problem with that? No one drives the car that is your life but you.  So if you think someone else is controlling your life, that’s not the truth – the truth is you turned over driving to others, and they never got into the driver’s seat – so you aren’t going where you want because NO ONE IS DRIVING!

Ok….I’m done.

Just needed to vent that so I could move on from it.

Out with the bad, in with the good.

What do you think?

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