Motivational Monday #162

It’s only a gift if you give it – if you keep it, it’s something that will be locked away, not seeing light, and guarded in a way that is not for the best.  Unbox your gift, play with it, enjoy it, then give it away.

So very true.


I love this woman.  Her book “Their Eyes Were Watching God” is still one of my favorites.  There is an amazing scene where this woman – who has been battered, beaten, left for dead, who has nothing – comes walking back into town, her hair in two braids, her feet dusty, wearing overalls and a smile – and it tells you everything you need to know about her.  She is a survivor.  She is not to be beaten down.  She knows who she is – and doesn’t care if anyone else does.  Because – like this quote – there are years life asks questions – and years it answers.

What do you think?

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