Mental Health Day


Yesterday, at work, it sucked.

Work was one of those places where I think there was some sort of airborne stupid virus circulating. People lying on status reports – and when getting caught, playing stupid.  People who have followed a process 100 times suddenly acting like they have no idea that there was a process.

It was crazy inducing.

I thought it was just me, but nope.  Another manager that I work closely with called me to his office to talk about some changes we are trying to make.  I went into his office, shut the door, and was like “what the fuck is going on today with people?!?”  He pushed back his chair from his desk and laid his forehead on his desk – “you too, huh? I am amazed people are able to feed themselves with the amount of stupid going around!”

I should mention that I was happily going to his office not only as an escape but to avoid the weekly meeting that always makes me want to jump out of a window.  We talked, we wasted time avoiding things, and we enjoyed the fact that for a few moments, crazy was at bay.

I met up with SB after work at the munch.  The man that is a salve for my soul. He gets me – he understands on a level many do not – and his energy brings balance where there isn’t always balance.

We talked. We kissed. We shared a beverage or three. We laughed.

I came home flying high – not on the alcohol, but on his energy. His love. Him.

I booked our vacation away together – in just a few short weeks – 4 whole days at the beach. Oh fuck, I cannot wait.  Truly.

Then I went to sleep.

And woke totally stuffed up, no voice, and watery eyes.  Checked email quickly, saw work was going to be more of the same.  Emailed in that I was sick. And went back to bed.  I read. I slept. I read some more.  I got confirmation about our trip.  And I just exhaled.

It has been a rough week.  So many days together – intense, intimate days – led to some pretty good drop for both of us.  I could feel his so very much.  And I know that affected my own mood.

So it was good to exhale.  To just be. To take care of myself.

I laid in bed. I watched stupid TV with Indigo.  I read into Book 3 of the Fire and Ice series.  I chatted a bit with a friend whose mom is rapidly dying from lung cancer. She commented she doesn’t have a family pic – of her and her boys – to send to her mom.  So I booked a photo shoot with her and her kids so she can have photos.

Sometimes a mental health day is called for – sometimes self care needs to be there.

Cuddles with a grinning pit-a-roo.

A good book.

Coffee lovingly made for me by Indigo.

Burgers with G from a neat little burger joint. A burger with goat cheese on it. Yum.

Watching a sappy stupid movie with Indigo.

Self care.

Yeah – and I updated my blog template.  I can’t help it – I’ve never been happy with it.

A mental health day.

What do you think?

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