Last Minute Camp Trip


Last night, as we are waiting for SB to arrive, DJ and I were both on our computers when a reminder popped up on mine “DJ – Training”.

“DJ, do you have counselor training for camp starting tomorrow?”

“uhm….maybe?” was her reply.

After a few clicks, she changed it to “I do – uhm, I didn’t get any info – oh crap!”

A browse through my email, but came up with no info.  I pinged G at comicon to see if he had gotten something he had forgotten to forward.  And while we waited for his reply, I suggested to DJ she email the coordinator for this training.  I suggested how she should write it – and set her off to do it.

SB arrived while we were waiting – and G phoned to confirm he had not gotten anything.  Crap.

Fast forward to 9:15am this morning, my phone pings with a text from DJ (who is upstairs): “The coordinator emailed me – there was a mixup on what we needed to do but she says she has space.  Can you fill out the forms while I pack? I need to be there at 12:30.”

Good morning to me.

So she brought me all that I needed to fill out.  During the online portion, I told them we learned about this program through a traveling gnome.  I tried to keep in our tradition of putting weird things in the paperwork.  DJ, for example, is on record of having a desire to talk to snakes and hug wild bears.  It was G’s way of seeing if they actually read the forms.  They do.  To this day, they still ask her if she is going to be seeking out snakes or bears.

One filled out, I got up and finally got coffee.  DJ came downstairs declaring herself packed.  I chuckled to myself because it is her year long outdoor training that has her able to pack in a short amount of time.  She’s used to carrying everything on her body – so having a backpack is excessive for her.

While she was eating something, I commented how cool it is she can pack her sleeping bag into her big pack.  She looks at me with a weird expression, then says “uhm, maybe I should get my sleeping bag. ”  Doh!

We arrive at the place and it’s chaos. But I love how everyone knows DJ.  They grab her stuff and stow it for her.  She goes inside, and we get in line but people are running to her to hug her hello.  And she and I stood there shaking our heads at the parents.  I should explain – this is truly an anti-camp program.  There are no cabins – there are no camp stores – there are no crafts or the like.  They give kids knives and take them into the woods to sleep ins yurts or tents or even under the stars.  They spend the day hiking and stealthing and making things they will need like bow-drills for starting fires or rabbit sticks for killing rabbits.   They get dirty.  They have great adventures.  They eat out of their own mess kits – they have fun.

Many of the parents did not realize this so they were asking funny questions that showed they did not get it.  And they did not seem to understand the environment they were in – helping each other, respecting each other, and just mellowing out.  I almost wanted to smack them across the head.  When we reached checking, the coordinators recognized DJ immediately and laughed at the situation she was in – getting on the list a few hours before.  They spent time talking to her about her camp – how things were going – how her assisting in camps had gone.  I am continually amazed how they know the kids – like they KNOW the kids.   They are happy about seeing them come back – happy they are learning more – happy they have an addict of sorts.  Good stuff.

After checking her in, I left, went to a local brew pub for lunch, and listened to three men about my age or a bit older talking about their feelings – their challenges are white men in society – and trying to cover their conversation by listening to Kenny G.  At a certain point, being forced to overhear their conversation, I was about ready to tell them to grow a pair.  Or “Man up and do the work.”  It was horrible to hear.  And then their kids came over, proved they are brats who get away with whatever they want, and it took everything in my power to not use my mom voice to get the kids in line.

Then I came home, watched the rest of Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black – and relaxed.  Ahh….

What a weird day! I’m glad it worked out for DJ – but crazy morning for Moe.

What do you think?

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