Yeah  it’s cheesy especially after the last post, but I feel today is better.  Today will be better damn it! Because I said so!

But in all seriousness – today I escape the crazy. No work.  No family running around. Just me – SB – a rocket of a car – good music – and a room overlooking the beach.  Despite the fact it should rain all weekend – sunshine is definitely in my soul.  Hope – recharge – all of it.

And all of that makes me happy  – makes me happy despite my horrible scheduling of my morning that had me leaving to get my car serviced when I should be working out – that has me finishing my laundry and packing during the time I was planning on the second attempt to workout……..

……while I fretted about my fucked up scheduling for a short time, in the end, I said ‘fuck it – I get a break from that too’ – and now I’m fine.  It was already screwed up enough that I was getting up early on my day off to do the car thing (note to self: the dealer is not around the corner but a long ways away – don’t schedule it for an 8am service unless you are okay with getting up and out of there at an ungodly time on a vacation day.)  But I’m giving myself a break from the guilt I feel when I don’t or can’t do shit I planned on doing.

Today will be a good day – I look forward to it.


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