Sexual Energy


“Suck my dick.”

I moved fast down the bed to take him into my mouth and worship him the way he deserved.  A drive, a snack, a nap, then wine had launched us into this space where the energy was flowing – the passion followed the energy – and I was ready and willing to do whatever he wanted of me. I just couldn’t get enough.

So he leaned back – I took that cock of his into my mouth and started – trying to give back to him whatever I could – whatever bit of raw sexual energy I was wrapped up in – in that moment.

As I moved my mouth up and down – taking his cock deeper into my throat each time – he spoke words –  raw passionate words that only make sense in the moment.  But fueled the situation nicely – until I shifted back up his body and his hand found my hot, wet core and brought me to a wet juicy orgasm.  All the while, the dirty talk – the moans – the whimpering continued.

And instead of finding release with each g-spot orgams he pulled from me that night – it just built the tension in me higher and higher as his fingers were deep in my cunt – and his other hand was at my nipple – pulling it and squeezing it and knowing that with each tug and moan of pain, he was only making the situation more wet – more intense – and me more aroused.

“Use me, Daddy – use me however you want – I just need you,” I begged – feeling beyond a point of arousal – to that point where I needed a release – a big release.  And I needed him to give it to me – to use me in nasty and dirty ways.

My pleas were met with more dirty words – nasty thoughts – dirty desires spoken huskily into my ear as I held onto him in the dark – begging him to just use me as he wanted- I so fucking was beyond caring how – I just needed my Daddy to take me and make me his – all his.  I needed him.

And my pleas were met with words until I begged “can I use my vibrator? please Daddy?”

He chuckled and told me to “go ahead, baby” – but his fingers were on nipples and in my cunt and his arm was around me tight as I turned it on and found my clit.

And while it did it’s job – he continued to torment me with his words – giving me the pain I need by biting and squeezing and tugging my nipples – by telling me what he would love to do – asking if I would like it if – and just building me higher and higher as I finally came hard – came for him.

As I floated the ground, he still played with me – we kissed – more dirty thoughts were shared – I was lost – lost in him – lost in the moment – lost in the this raw erotic place we had come to – in the dark, the ocean waves crashing out our window.

I have often said that some of the most arousing times are not with what we do with our bodies – but what is done with the mind.  And this night was a great example of it.

As we drifted to sleep at 3am, post play, it almost felt like a fantasy world we had woven around us – one that was too good and too perfect but just what it should be.

Just what it should be between Daddy and baby –

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