Weird Emmy Facts…

….version 10234 (or something like that.)

1. I love crossword puzzles. I do at least one per day.  I do the NY Times Monday or Tuesday puzzle as they are tend to be faster for me than the other days. The other days are harder and do not retain my attention. I’m honest.  I play it on my iPad thanks to the app.  Yay technology.

2. I take a plethora of vitamins each morning at work since I forget to take them at home. I take vitamin D, magnesium, fish oil pills, and wellness formula.  Plus my allergy pill.  I wash them down with coffee because I’m a rebel like that.  They are always in my bag. And I often wonder if my cohorts think I’m a hypochondriac.

3. I have about 20 bottles of polish that I use combinations of on my toes.  They are kept in a lunchbox I got from Lush – and the girls steal them as often as they can.  What can I say? I like variety?

4. 10 years ago, I wore jeans to work every day. Today, I wear skirts or dresses.  10 years ago, there was a great chance I would have to crawl under a desk or behind a dusty and dirty server. Today, I don’t do any of that and revel in the fact I can wear whatever is comfortable – and in this case, it’s a dress.

5. I often trick people into getting their photo taken.  And some of those are the best photos.  What can I say – I like shooting photos of people I know – I like capturing who they are.  Granted, I’ve gotten a bit better about assuming it’s okay – but, well, I like capturing true smiles – true facial expressions of people.  So I trick them.  Shrug.  It’s a hobby.

6. I play my ukulele for my dog.  Maggie is mesmerized by it.  So I play it, she circles me – and I feel like the pied piper.

7. I read lots of crap by other people’s standards.  Seriously. If there is a fantasy with multiple books – I’m all over it.  The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon about protectors who are servants of Artemis and keep humans safe from vampire like creatures? Yes. I have most of them too.  Sookie Stackhouse books? Yep – every single one I own -and I’ve seen the author twice.  Vampire/were-animal books by Kerrelyn Sparks? Yep – got them all.  And Karen Marie Moning books about Irish Lore and fairies taking over the world? Love it. I read plenty of other stuff too – but, well, I like story lines that span multiple books.  

8. I have bees. And I hope they do well. They should be hatching right now.  And I want them to take care of my garden.  Assuming Maggie allows me to have one.  Fucking puppy who is trying to dig to China.

9. I want a mermaid or an octopus for my next tattoo. Don’t know which.  Maybe I should get the first finished – then decide.

10.  I have been known to stick stickers on my cat – and make my puppy all wet just because their reactions are funny.

11, When my Daddy comes for dinner, I enjoy planning the meal. What can I say ? I love taking care of him. And while I’m not sure I would ever consider myself service-oriented, I am definitely Daddy-oriented. 🙂

12. Even on my worst days, I feel incredibly blessed.

What do you think?

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