My Day

2hrs in the car taking the kids to and from school & myself to and from work.

2hrs to get to taekwondo, sit through the class, and get home.

4hrs listening to Indigo tell me every minute details of her day including the complete dialogs with emotional responses involved with a playground game.

10 times telling the kids they can wait a whole 30 minutes for dinner to get done.

6 options given as snacks since they were both STARVING – bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries or carrots.

5 times I told my boss I would just take the day off tomorrow since I would be in the office a whole 3 hours due to the late start at school.

2 times he told me to just “work from home” and save my day – “browse the internet there instead of the office”.

8 reminders given to a “friend” that I’m kinda dealing with the crap related to the death-in-the-family, so yeah, I’m a little stressed.

3 deaths I have heard of in the past week – G’s Grandmother, a childhood friend’s father, and a former coworker’s brother.

2 of those deaths that were related to cancer – fuck cancer.

4 times the artist from the latest show has called me in the last two days.  Yes, I’m ignoring the creepy fucker.

39 songs performed by the Foo Fighters that I have listened to today.

$38 to the state of Oregon as the estimate of what I owe them – so I could file a tax extension.

Yeah – I’m done.

What do you think?

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