A State of Bliss



Or that moment when I’m laying, curled up in his arms, my face buried in his chest – hearing his heart beat, feeling his chest rise with each breath, smelling his scent.

Or that moment when entwined, we kiss – slowly – savoring each touch between us – our hands wandering over the landscape of each other’s bodies – the soft moans and growls that come as we find those spots that are like buttons for such things. When an “I love you baby” escapes from his lips as such activities are happening – and a “I love you Daddy” follows so naturally.


Being in that moment – not wanting it to end because of the state we have found – not caring what the day has planned – or what needs to happen – only savoring each moment with each other before life must take over again. Drinking each other in.

That bliss that leaves your quivering, feeling loved, feeling like you are high even though you haven’t done anything more than some water.  Being high on the happy, the love, and the moment with him.

I love the blissful state we seem to create when we are together, my Daddy and me.

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