The Awesome Parts of My Day

  • “Come here and give me another hug because you feel smaller in my arms” – G after I worked out, showered and was getting ready to leave for work.
  • “Oh good – you are back – we can now figure this out.” – cohort when he got back from vacation and saw I was back too.  Guess he had been having issues with our boss.
  • Sending messages back and forth with SB today – weird things that I kept finding and wondering what he thought about it.  I have been missing him like mad – feeling him like mad too – so having that connection, that dialog, was making me grin like mad.
  • Hearing from DJ that her friend has decided he is “flow-chart-sexual”.  The fact they have this goofy dialog makes me laugh.  I do worry because of what parents may think.
  • Having Indigo read me her homework: “Uncle Dick and I are out searching for his nuts.”  – trying not to laugh, and finding out she is laughing harder than me.  She IS my kid!
  • Teaching Indigo the difference between subject pronouns and object pronouns and having DJ say to G that I teach it better than he does.  Though, I’m sure he cusses less.    Fuck – the fact I could do that amazes me to be honest.
  • Dinner with the kids only to find out they are such regulars at this Subway near the TKD place that they barely have to order.  Getting extra special treatment because Indigo had told the manager that she is the best person in the place.e  How funny!
  • Watching DJ in TKD lead the teen and adult black belts.  Watching her kick ass – listening to them call her “ma’am” – and seeing her straighten up a bit more than usual because of it.  Good stuff.
  • DJ and her TKD boy crush doing various advanced self defense techniques.  Watching them literally toss each other onto the ground as they go to the mat too.  Rolling around, laughing their butts off, only to barely hold back the true move the next time as they land on the floor again.  Best I was there – and not G.
  • Seeing DJ critique the rubber knife as a poor substitute for the real thing.  And seeing her TKD boy crush listen to her – make fun of her – then almost wrestling her for it.
  • Sharing the TKD experience with SB. He so gets it – snarks back at me – and laughs with me too. Love that.
  • Being at the stop light before getting on the freeway, seeing the guy in the minivan next to me look over and focus on getting in front of me.  And having the girls tell me I can’t let the mini-van beat me.  Yeah, we left him in the dust  -the poor man with the mini-van.  Grin!
  • Hearing the girls sing along with the radio – and editing back in the cuss words.  Both of them.  I really wonder sometimes if it was a good idea that I have two girls – because they now swear like sailors.  Oops. (Not really.)
  • Getting upskirt-ed by my crazy puppy.  Better than the wind.  Damn.
  • Feeling loved.
  • Feeling in awe of my girls and what they are doing – and how they are making me proud.  We all fret as parents – but to see the kids achieving – well, that’s awe-inspiring to me.
  • Feeling like the luckiest girl – luckiest mom – in the world.  Yeah, that makes me grin and it rocks.

What do you think?

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