Things I Do When I Can’t Sleep

I woke up for some reason at about 1:30am.

And could NOT get back to sleep.

So what does a person do at 1:30am when wide awake?


  • Read a book I’ve read 20 million times. Why is that my criteria? Because reading something new could wake me up if it is interesting – then I am awake all night reading a good book thereby defeating the purpose of reading to help me fall asleep.
  • Watch something on Netflix. Favorites include the series Psych or Clerks. For some reason both will put me to sleep.  Especially Clerks.  I know I’m really screwed if I get through the entire movie because I didn’t fall asleep by Randall’s introduction.
  • Crossword puzzles. I do the easy NY Time’s crosswords. Yay iPad app.
  • Browse social media sites including Fetlife.
  • Masturbate with the assistance of material from Literotica
  • Read some more.
  • Play my Words with Friends turns but that only lasts maybe 5 min.
  • Meditate as a way to ground out whatever excess energy is keeping me up – or clean up the crappy energy I might also be harboring and keeping me up.
  • Check social media sites again to see if anyone else is awake.
  • Read some more.
  • Lay there with eyes close and visualize being somewhere else where sleep is happening – another bed, another bedmate, a time when it was easy to fall asleep.
  • Look at clock. Realize this isn’t working. And just get up and start the day while trying not to wake the sleeping people in the house.

This is my routine. How sad is it that I have an insomnia routine??

What do you think?

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