“Where My Ladies At” Video

I love this video.  I love what is speaks to in terms of how women are treated if they have an online presence and are outspoken in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Hell, online is just one place it happens (says the woman who once at an interviewee say ‘wow, they have girls here?’ then start asking if we actually do tech work.).

If you are a woman in one of these fields, online or not, you are expected to know your shit better than any man.  You are expected to be more polished – and more together.  You have to prove your worth in your area.  And the backlash if there is any is all directed squarely at the fact you don’t have a penis.

And if you are pretty and intelligent and own your sexy, well then, you must know less….someone must be feeding you the info.  I mean,  a woman can’t be all of those things.

I cannot imagine the bullshit she gets on a daily basis.  And regardless of what you hear that’s positive…..the negative always is the echo you hear in the middle of the night.  Like this:

She even admits that it drives her to be more perfect, more polished – yet that draws a different criticism (someone else must have written it for her).

I do agree that until both sexes can have a dialog about this issue – then it will never stop.  This isn’t a “Women’s problems” – it’s a people problem.

What do you think?

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