On this day in 1913, G’s grandmother was born.

100 years ago today.

In Dec of 1913:

  • Charlie Chaplin started his film career.
  • First crossword puzzle was published – which is ironic given her love of them.
  • Federal Reserve Act was signed into law.

This woman has seen the following:

  • Russian Revolution – 1917
  • Lenin’s death – 1924
  • Talking movies – 1927
  • Wall Street Crash – 1929
  • And the Depression (1929-1932)
  • Rise of Hitler – 1933
  • World War II
  • WAVES – she was one (Women in the Navy)
  • Korean War
  • Political events in Thailand – she was there
  • Vietnam War
  • The Wall going up and coming down
  • Apartheid ending

And that’s just the history. She went from the silent movie to movies streaming on this little thing called the internet.  She went from radios to iPods. During the past 100 years, the technology advances have been insane.

This woman has not just been alive for history – she lived it.  She went to college and graduated.  She was a WAVE – an officer in the Navy.  It’s still great seeing her getting saluted onto the Naval base.  She lost her first husband when he was shot down during the start of WW II – and because of their games of bridge, she connected with Grandfather through letters.  Their wedding photos looked like something out of a movie – she looked just like Betty Davis.

Until a few years ago, she could drink you under the table during cocktail hour before dinner.  And then top it off with an after dinner drink after dessert.  She smoked like a chimney until she broke her hip and was in the hospital and she was forced to quit.

This is a woman who is still a lady in every sense of the word.

And it is no surprise that she reached 100.

And that she’s still in her own home.

And that she has staff.

It is who she is – independent, smart, and hell bent on holding her own until the day she goes.

I am happy to know this woman.

I am happy to be part of her family.

And I’m happy to help her celebrate 100.

What do you think?

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