Day Two in Paradise


Fog, fog, fog.

Well, I should back up.

I woke up – wide awake – at 1am. I got up, and stood on the balcony – listening to the waves crash against the shore.  There is something nice and relaxing about it.  And the cool air felt good.  I went back inside the room but left the patio door wide open.  I crawled back into bed, and tried to sleep – breathing to the rhythm of the waves.

I finally fell back to sleep about 3am.  And woke up at about 8:30am, made myself coffee and inhaled the fog.  It had socked up in pretty well.  You couldn’t see what was in front of you.  But the surfers were out in force.  So I took my time waking up, grabbed my camera after dressed, and walked the beach taking photos.

When I came back, I stopped at the coffee shop for some coffee and a snack.  Then I drove the cape loop – a beautiful three cape view.  I stopped several times along the way – took photos – explored some places.  Then I came back to sleep.  I hadn’t gotten enough sleep – and I wasn’t feeling great.  I don’t know why, but I didn’t.  So I crawled into bed to sleep.  I woke up when the fog had finally burned off – got some late lunch, early dinner, and looked out the window to see that there were hundreds of pelicans dive bombing the surfers.  So I grabbed my camera and headed out. I am glad I did.  The fog came in and screwed up the sunset, but as the sun sunk into the fog, we got a pseudo-sunset.  Here are some of the cell phone photos I took.







My selfie














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