Weekend Recap

I had a dream last night where I thought “that would be great to blog about”.  Of course, I forgot what it was. Then again, waking up in Daddy’s arms with him kissing my nose and call me his sleepy girl kinda made me forget even the dream.  Though, I’m sure the fact my stomach was growling and head was aching from the previous night’s drinking didn’t help either.  Oh well, I don’t care I forgot – because the reasons for forgetting are much MUCH better than a blog post topic.

Yesterday the Portland Thorn’s women’s professional soccer team won their semi-finals game.  They are now playing in the finals next weekend.  It was such a great game too.  KC was up 2-0 when Tobin Heath scored a wonderfully setup goal before the half – thanks to the assist from Angie Kerr – a woman I admire as she may not always start – but she gets in the game and plays her heart out showing she can play just as hard and well as they can.  After the half, they tied up the game after Tiffany Weimer came into the game and showed why she is a veteran player.  Onto overtime – and the game winning goal from Allie Long – a player who was playing with a target around her neck as she had a yellow card – and kept getting called for fouls.  Including one foul that many believe should have been a second yellow card. So they are on the finals – in NY against the team that they tied each time they played this year.  It’s going to be a good fucking match!

We went on a family walk the other night – took Harry out with us.  Now you have to understand – Harry is our agoraphobic dog.  Without Bob, he was freaked out to be alone and in wide spaces in areas where he is not in total control of the situation.  He would go into doggie panic attacks where he would dart all around on the leash. And if you walked across a wide street, he would run the opposite direction abruptly almost killing the walker.  He screwed up my back several times doing that.  But if he was with Bob – carabeenered together on leash, he would be calm and just follow Bob’s lead.   We both tried working with Harry to get over this fear, but as his aggression with little kids increased, it seemed safer to walk him only with Bob and just keep him in an environment where we could control it a bit more.

Like with many things post-Bob, Harry has stepped it up now.  His fear of being left behind was greater than the wide world. So he went with us, was a happy dog, and followed us.  He even let little kids pet him (under my watchful eye).  He smiled, he was happy, he was a good dog with his family.  And it was fun going on the neighborhood trek with the kids too.  Taking photos, laughing at their stories from their day – and just enjoying the family time.  We’ve been apart too much this summer.

And as has been my mission the past week or so, I tackled another room of the house – this time the laundry room.  And the huge fucking mountain of laundry to be folded and sorted through.  It felt good to get through it all – and sort through the stuff that needed to simply go away.  Now there is a huge goodwill pile in the living room, but that’s fine with me.  It was good to see what clothes we needed to buy the girls – pajamas was the clear winner…..until they grow another foot.

So today we are enjoying a lazy day – or at least what little of it I have been up for.  SB made me coffee and a bagel after we finally woke up.  We enjoyed ourselves until the day finally needed to get underway. Then we kissed and went our separate ways after we talked about our evening – including a trip out to a club where I gothed myself up a bit – a goth school girl if you will – with over the knee lace black socks – and healed mary jane style shoes. I loved his look when he came in after I dressed – yeah, it was good.  Love being his bad little school girl. It was a great night – lots of laughs, lots of good energy.

In the end, the weekend was great – great time with all the people I love.

What more can I ask for!

What do you think?

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