Things That Have Made Me Laugh Today

I figure it’s Wednesday – it’s been hot out – it’s been a rough week for some.  So why not laugh?

Plus, a few of these things had me giggling in hysterics. Don’t judge. Or if you do, laugh, but  say you are laughing with me instead of AT me even if you are really laughing at me.  Everyone wins then – and no one feels like the loser.

I have had a cat do that. And I have found a cat in our house that is not ours. This hit too close to home and would have been far more entertaining than how we found the stray cat in our house. But then again, the image of G in a down coat, eye protection, leather gloves chasing a scared stray with a fishing net may also make you giggle.

Next up –

You have to go read this Bloggess today (click the image to go). God drowning people. All I have to say. Amen.

I also laughed at this:

I have had too many duck hunters in my life. And many would have fallen for this trick. Naked woman in a wetland – oh yeah, they would have been shot by a duck. And our big black lab growing up would have just shook his head in disgust. He was good at that.
why yes there is!



Happy Hump Day!

What do you think?

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