Signs It Will Be A Good Day


A good rule for today (Seriously) – though – nothing could be funnier than a dildo fight.  People with floppy schlongs chasing each other around trying to whack each other.  It would be like a huge party.  Wonder what kind of mark a dildo would leave? Hmm.

Another good thing for today – because those jumping gay walruses can talk your ear off, giving you fashion advice, and ideas on how to accessorize your dildo for when you are whacking people with it.  (Yes, I know I’m stereotyping – settle down).  But seriously, what is the risk of a gay walrus – that he or she may scare you by jumping?  Or is it the risk that the gay walrus could find you attractive, then jump you?

Hey, between the dildos and the gay walrus warning, it seems like this one is appropriate too.  Imagine the shenanigans that could happen.  Maybe that’s why they seriously don’t want you whacking each other with dildos.

Especially if the gay walrus jumps out of the water to take advantage of the dildo you have in hand as you chase your friends engaged in shenanigans and malarky.

Then this sign may be appropriate:

Though, in my world, that’s less of a warning, and more of a forewarning without that last line.

Though, at the end of the day, this warning sign may be the reason behind why the others are necessary:

Happy Thursday! The week is almost done!


What do you think?

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