Photos: Mt St Helen’s

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have this phenomenon called “the marine layer”.   This is when you wake up to clouds in the sky, but then the sun burns them off – the marine layer – and reveals a gorgeous day of blue sky and sunshine.  A few days last week, we had this phenomenon where you think it could be a bad weather day, but find it is a great day.  Saturday, I woke up to one such day – so I thought – I’m going to go to Johnston Observatory to see Mt St Helen’s (this is where the volcano cam is located).  I figured after being here 18 years, maybe I should go the mountain up close.  So I drove the 90 minutes or so to see the mountain up close – and the other side – the one I normally don’t see.

While I could see the mountain, the clouds created a weird light that made it a bit more difficult to shoot.  Oh well, I’ll have to go back.  The nice old man who talked to me at one of the stops told me about Windy Ridge – a better place to see St Helen’s.  Hmm….next time.

Here are some images that weren’t too bad.


One of the remains of a tree that was buried under ash.

The view of my drive to Johnston Observatory.

A woman was showing her daughter this chipmunk.  Except she didn’t know what it was called.  It was quite amazing how many different things she called it.  When I walked behind her, I whispered “chipmunk” – then I hear her as I’m rounding the bend – “so that’s why it’s called a chipmunk honey.” I’m here to help.

What do you think?

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