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When I first met G, I learned almost immediately that he had aspirations to write.  He had short stories, poetry and other things that he was quite proud of.  And he loved to write essays (more than he would admit – Mr. I-Accidently-Wrote-20-Pages-Instead-of-the-10).  He took creative writing classes in college in addition to his English Lit classes.  He was always jotting down lines in a notebook.  He would write long long letters to me when we were apart.  And after graduation, he continued to write.

One summer, we spent a week at the beach where he took a murder mystery writing class.  It was lead by a published mystery writer, and by the end of the week, the class was supposed to have a chapter written – the first chapter. He had so much fun developing characters and writing up his first chapter as he sorted out how to murder someone.  His chapters was one that people loved.  The attention to detail was praised as he knew how to paint a good picture.   That week fed his desire for writing.

Over the past 15 years, he has sought out artists to bring his graphic novel ideas to light.  He had many scripts – he would get an idea and sit at the computer until it was all on paper.

About three years ago, he wrote Paris in the 20th Century to give his Lili to draw.  Lili has expressed her interest in trying her hand at drawing comics, so he sat down and wrote this script.  It is no surprise that he pulled from history and wrapped an idea around how the manuscript of the book by the same name was lost and stolen.  It was also no surprise of the Steampunk theme.

What resulted was a 50 page long graphic novel that told his story through beautifully drawn images.  They published it online – then over the past months, Lili colored the pages to get it ready for publishing in a book form.

Within a week, it will be sent to the publisher. Books will be created so they can debut it at an upcoming comic show.  And both G and Lili will have their names on a book – as writer and artist respectively.   A huge milestone for both of them.

I am excited for G. I have watched this guy dream about this for a long time.  It’s awesome to see it happening for him.

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  1. I am so excited ! what a great thing!

  2. Hubman says:

    That’s outstanding, congratulations to G!!!

  3. Jason says:

    Congratulations to both on such an awesome milestone and achievement!

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