A Suprising Connection

I feel him.

Not just in person, but even when we are apart.

I feel him.

There are times where I can feel SB’s body wrapped around mine – especially when I am sleeping at night.  I can feel his presence even though I know he is far away.  And sometimes, I dream he is crawling in bed with me, or visa versa, and we wrap around each other just like we do when together.

It’s amazing.

I can feel when he’s off.  I can feel without talking to him that something is going on.  I can’t explain why, but I do.

Like yesterday.  Yesterday I knew something was off with him. I knew something was busy and that things were going to be in flux in terms of plans because of these things. I never thought it was me. I knew something else was going on. So when I got the text message saying he was herding how own cats today. I knew I something was going on. Not necessarily bad, but a bit stressful.  When we talked later, it was confirmed.  I was not upset about the change of plans or the fact things were shifting.  I knew it was what was needed.

If I had not taken the tantra class last year, I would not have understood what is happening. I would not have understood what I was feeling or what was happening.  But now, I feel the energy. I feel the connection between us. I feel him.


It’s funny how no matter how far apart we are, we are not apart.  And when we are together, we can feel each other vibrate with the energy we pass between us.  It is why people make comments to us as they pass by – they can feel it.  It is why we sometimes have a hard time sleeping – because it keeps us going.  It is why sometimes we can wrap around each other, sleep, and wake up feeling like we have had hours upon hours of foreplay.

I love this connection. I love the man. I love the relationship.

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  1. Those connections are amazing. I loved reading this because I get it.

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