Motivational Monday

What is insulting your soul? What do you need to stop agreeing to so that you can awaken to the life you should have – not the compromise?
I struggle with this one. I have always seen emotional as weak. But the reality is I care – I am sensitive to those around me – so when my emotions overflow, I have a hard time seeing it as it is – with me caring, having a big heart. I fight it. We all need to stop. Maybe then when the human is showing, we can all learn that we are alike – we care, we have emotions, and we have a heart.
When people say “they care”, the only show they do through their generosity of time and attention. I’m amazed at how many people don’t feel that they even need to acknowledge simple things. Giving even a bit of attention is rare these days. We treat people like they are the technology we can ignore. Remember there is a person behind it. Be rare – be generous – give some attention.
Never – EVER – hide it. Those who recognize it as it is will enjoy it. Those who don’t – well, they can fuck off.

What do you think?

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