Hump Day Reverie

+ It’s funny getting photos of G and the kids at Disneyland.  People were worried that the girls were too old.  Yeah, no.  Perfect age. And I think it’s the perfect age too because the girls and G can all go on the rides together.  Yay tall kids.

+ If G comes back and there isn’t an extra dog in the house, I should be applauded for my restraint.

+ I am still finding finger and teeth sized bruises on various parts of my body.  Note to self: yes, I can still bruise pretty good.  Also, SB has vice like fingers and sharp teeth.  Swoon!

+ G shared with me the worst rumor from San Diego Comicon… favorite show – Psych will be in it’s final season when it comes back to TV.  And….AND, it won’t even be a full season.  Boooooo!!!  I love that show! Worst rumor ever.

+ Indigo’s rabbit loves the lettuce from my in-laws.  Glad they could give it to me to feed to him. (They gave it to me to eat – but it’s too much to eat by myself, so I’m sharing.)  He loves me now. I have bribed him with his favorite foods.  Now he greets me and comes to see me and lets me pet and cuddle him.  Note to self, bunnies are like dogs – you can train them with food.

+ I have found some great ukulele websites with lots of songs to learn.  Funny how with a little practice the guitar fingering skills come back to you.  I’m having lots of fun playing around with it.  Ukes are funny little instruments you can’t help but giggle while playing.

+ Here is a video of two young professionals who traveled to Haiti to see what is really happening there.  She and a friend both were playing ukes and this young boy came up and started “jamming” with them.  His rap is about hope and making his country better. See – ukuleles can inspire the world!

+ Seattle Erotic Arts Festival is in about 10 days.  Holy crap! I take my art to Seattle on Sunday.  I’m just ….wow.  Words fail me.   I cannot wait!

+ I am LOVING Erika Moen’s new project –  — great reviews that combine her unashamed discussion of sex and all with her talent to draw and tell a story.  I love this woman.  She is fabulous.  This week’s post is all about the Moon Cup….another thing I wish I would have found much earlier in life.   Go check her out.  Oh and she gives stuff away too.  Even more of a reason to go.

+ My little bro has awesome status updates on Facebook. Rarely are they serious.  The other day when the world was waiting for the baby to be born in England, his status was “I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl – I just hope the baby is black!”  Oh, his wit is twisted too, did I mention that?    Or this one: ” You’d think by now the Food Network would have late night adult shows with tube steak, cream pies and salad tossing.”

+ And I leave you with this thought today…..

What do you think?

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