Brain on Insomnia




This is my brain on insomnia.

Imagine my surprise when, in a meeting, I looked down at my feet and noticed this….the downside (or upside) of having too many pairs of chucks.  I remember looking at the two colors and wondering which I should wear. Apparently both.

After I got over the shock of this image, I started laughing.  Giggling to myself really.  I texted G this photo and asked if he could help me out.    He laughed too & said he would bring me a mate.  (I’m not feeling like reliving that part of my youth where this would have been cool.)

Night three of insomnia occurred last night.  I blame G for this one as I was sleeping nicely until he walked into the dark room, tripped over something loudly and woke my brain up.  “Yay,” it said, “you’re awake! Now we can do some real thinking!”


So, I read. I did my usual routine trying to go back to sleep.  And nothing worked. Finally, I drifted to sleep a few hours later.  Just to have my brain wake me back up before my alarm went off.

I had so much promise of sleep last night.  I fought blackberry vines before dinner.  Had a great meal of homemade lamb curry and samosas – took a nice bath.

So much to do… much to stress over… much…..

I’m so trying to remember this…..

….but it’s not easy as you as fighting the wind…..

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  1. John says:


    You should totally just say the decision to wear 2 different color Chucks was a choice! It was once semi-fashionable.

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