Your Marks

I feel your marks – each time I sit.  I feel where your paddle struck my thighs. I feel where the cane welted the skin of my ass.  I feel where you took me hard as I was bent over your bed knowing all I could do was take it.

I feel your marks each time a breast shifts in my bra.  I feel the pinch marks on my inner thighs each time I cross my legs while sitting.  And at the same time, I feel the tenderness of my cunt from your slaps by hand and flogger and paddle.
I see your marks – each time I look in the mirror to make sure they are covered by my hair or by my scarf.   I feel the bite marks deep in the muscles connecting my shoulder to my neck.
Each welt, each bruise, each bite mark – marks me as your girl – yours.  The primal way you possess me and mark me resonates inside me and awakens my primal lizard who feels the need to get more from you – to be more for you – to take more from you.
More is all it wants.  And more, I know I will get.

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