Laughter IS the Best Medicine

We were sitting on the patio at the pub having a very late lunch after what had already been a long day.     I don’t recall what my kids thought I said, but G quickly commented “That wouldn’t be the strangest thing that came out of Moe’s mouth.”

I looked at him wondering where and the hell this was going to go.  While I don’t disagree with his statement, I was just worried what could come out of his mouth next.

“Well, she has said such gems as ‘you don’t wash your hair in the toilet’ and ‘the dog bowl is not a toilet’.”

Both of the girls started laughing hysterically at this until I said, “yeah, DJ – don’t wash your hair in the toilet.”

Indigo started laughing and pointing to her sister until I said….

“And you were the one peeing in the dog’s dish.”

DJ laughed at Indigo this time.

“And let’s not forget the things I get to say,” G reminded her, “things like ‘no, you may not buy a penis cup.'” He followed it with a stern look.

Meanwhile we are all laughing so hard that we were crying.

Many of you who know me in real life or via Twitter heard that we had to put our dog to sleep yesterday – our wonderful yellow lab of 12 years.  It was sudden and hurt like hell.

But sitting there, in the sunshine, as a family, laughing at the fact we have said such things, laughing while people checked in with us to see if we needed anything or how we were doing, was exactly what we needed.  We were loved – we were surrounded by good positive healing energy – and we soaked it in – and laughed.

Later, we went home. I had found puppy pictures of both dogs.  We looked at them, laughed at the fact one had Indigo standing next to our dog with his toy in her mouth.

Laughter and hugs are definitely the best method for sadness.  As long as we keep laughing through the tears, I know we will get through this loss.

What do you think?

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