I’m Not Willy Wonka

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This needs to be on display on the back of my monitor so that when people come up to talk to me they are not surprised but warned.
I came back to the office and was handed back an undone to-do list including three critical defects in production that should have been handled over the weekend. Instead they dragged on three days longer than they should have.  Oh and I got an updated go-live schedule for the next year that looks NOTHING like the one I had before I left for my four day weekend.  Then, I got to herd the cats to get the three critical issues fixed.
I don’t normally sugar coat things, but I do know how to phrase it so that it isn’t too hard of a blow.  But yesterday – yesterday was a unique day.  Everyone wanted that spoon full of sugar to help with the medicine I was giving them forcefully, but I’m not Mary Poppins OR Willy Wonka.  Be a fucking adult already.
Then I felt like I kept encountering people who – while not blatantly negative – had it infused in everything they said.  I get it. You don’t like things. I’m all for that.  But good fucking LORD – seriously? Do you have to go on and on about it?  Who are you trying to convince?? Got it. You don’t like it.  I picked up that up in the first two minutes of your explanation, but now – 20 minutes into it – I am just done listening. 
Yeah, when I have the laser focus turned on – the one I use when I’m trying to cut thru the bullshit and get things done – it is hard to shut off. And boy was it cutting through people’s bullshit last night.  The only upside? I recognized that keeping my mouth shut was a VERY good idea.  Which I did.  Just sort of ate away at me though.  
I went home to an empty house, ate, tried to regain some of my happy again – and realized two things: Alone was bad – but especially with this combo: PMS+Stress+Drop is in effect.  Needless to say, after listening to a good friend go on for the 10th time during the day about her latest illness (no new info), I realized it was time to put everything away and crawl under the covers and call this day to an end.  
Today, I am much in the same frame of mind.  People are bugging the shit out of me.  I’m not in the mood to listen to whining, false drama, idiocy, problems without solutions, attention whores, and people who expect to be spoon fed everything.  
Yeah, it’s best I just sit over here ——>
And maybe come back when this passes. Or else there will be a backhoe needed for the bodies.

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