Motivational Monday and Quick Recap


Saturday was my birthday.  And a great day was had.  Relaxing, lazy day – then a celebration with all of the people in my life that I care about.  Brian and SB were there.  My friends were there.  We ate, we drank, and we laughed.  I got two amazing art pieces – one from Lili of an ongoing joke we have had about unicorns and narwals.  The other from another friend – Miss Piggy being spanked by Kermit.  Both women are incredibly talented – and I was very happy to have a piece of art to call my own from each of them.  Good stuff.

Then I ended the night with birthday spankings – from three sadists who can’t count.  Or I can’t – depending on who you talked to.  Good stuff.  And ouchy stuff.  Funniest part of the night was one of the sadists teaching the husband how to spank his wife.  Full on demonstration.  Then she made the classic mistake – asking what something felt like – a cane, a single tail, etc.  That was funny.  Three giddy sadists happy to show her what something felt like.  Perfect.

Okay, onto the motivation….

This is one I have learned more and more over the past year.  Be with people who help your being.  This does not mean they must help you – that the relationship is one sided.  It means that these are people who help you grow – help you blossom – challenge your thinking – do not stifle – feed your soul as much as you feed theirs.  These are people who make you feel like a better person just by being around them. Not because they are an example of what you are glad not to have in your life – but because their energy feeds your energy and you feel taken to a new level each time you are with them. Choose those people in your life.  Cherish them.  Tell them.  Be with them.
This reminded me a bit of something my Tantra teacher would say – energy goes where your attention goes.  You feed by where you focus – what your attitude is feeds life’s attitude towards us.  There is always a connection.  Feed what you want to see as a result – not what you don’t.  Feel like life is treating you unfair?  Start being fair in your life.  It’s all connected.  
I like it when people say “I didn’t know better” as though that is a get out of jail card.  I like this.  If you know better, than do better – be better.  Don’t use it as an excuse – use it as a ladder to reach higher and be a better person.  
Don’t forget you.  How are you going to make sure you don’t this week?

What do you think?

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