Mother’s Day – Reflections on Being a Mom


SB said to me a few weeks ago: “I am glad you had the chance to be a mom.”

We had been talking about kids – and our different views on it.  I was pretty indifferent about having kids – truth be told.  While many would have killed G and me for not having had that conversation before marriage, I just didn’t care.  Have them – don’t have them – whatever.

So when G announced we were going to start a family a year from that day, I was sort of like “huh?”  When did he ask me??  And who said I wanted kids.

Apparently – it worked out.  Two kids later – two girls, born to a woman who was surrounded by boys.  And I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Funny how the universe gives you what you need.  And I guess I needed two kids – two strong willed, smart assed girls to raise.

Thank the deity of your choice.

I love them.  I am always in awe of how they are.  I am in awe of how they look at the world – at how they are figuring out how to relate to the world.  I somethings look at these kids -both of whom are almost as tall if not taller than me, and I am blown away.  We created that.  We did that.  We nurtured them to the point they are at today.


Today, we had brunch at our house – three generations of women under one roof – my mom, G’s mom, me, and the girls.  We laughed.  We worked together. We ate.  And it was great.

I couldn’t help but think of my own grandma when my mom yelled up at DJ and told her to wear whatever she wanted – it was more important she was with us than it was what she was dressed like.  It didn’t matter.  She was perfect the way she was – the way she is.  And yes, my mom said that.

And as Indigo cleared the table, my MIL gave her a hug in thanks.  “I can’t believe how big she’s getting – almost as tall as DJ.”   Yeah, I know that feeling.

There are times when I’m sure it would have been easier for me not having them while handling other things.  But a good sailor is not made by calm waters – it is made by rough seas.

I am a better person in many ways – all because I’m called Moe – my kids’ name for me.

Funny how the universe gives you what you need.

Thank you for it.

I love them – and would have it no other way.

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  1. Hope says:

    this is my first moms day as a divorcee. we wound up not celebrating how we thought we were going to because my father, who has been fighting cancer, went back into the er. as i write this i realize it will be too long to continue here, but what struck a chord was what you said, ‘the Universe gives you what you need, my guy and i dropped off the kids, went to the hospital and came back later to a clean house with laundry even done. there were none of the usual trappings or gifts, but then again, oh but there were. ….sorry about the typing…my phone is not allowing me to shift.

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