I’m mean – and other news

We are, for the first time in several years, chickenless.

True empty nesters.
Sadly, it is not because the hens grew up and left home.  Well, they left home, but not in a way that was good.
The last hen was killed the other night by a raccoon.
And can I just say – hearing a hen “scream” as it’s being killed is a sound that will get you out of bed.  I know that G really wished he had a good shot of the raccoon (pelt gun) because he really wanted to hurt it.  The raccoon got into the hen house.  We have no idea how.  They have never – no matter how hard they have tried – been able to get into it.  I suspect a cordless screwdriver was involved.
We will close down the coop this weekend.  We have decided to not get hens for a while.  I would like wait until we are dog-less so we can give the hens more freedom.  But we shall see.  Having the dogs has kept the raccoons more at bay than if we hadn’t had the dogs.  So who knows.
In other news – I’m mean.
Eh, not really news.  Apparently for this person it was.  The lesson here is simple – do your job and your project manager won’t have to be mean.  
Look – I fucking despise micromanaging people. Why? If you are competent and experienced, me having to micromanage you means you are incompetent have should be replaced.  
Mean? Sure.  Accurate. Fuck yeah.
I got feedback that my feedback giving skills weren’t – uhm – supportive and coddling, I mean – nice enough.  
I have been going through three weeks of post go-live hell from May 1st’s go-live.  And that was after two weeks of hell beforehand.  Hell that  was all caused by them not doing their jobs.  Here’s the thing – they don’t get the direct impact from them not doing their job – I do as well as our boss.  And until that changes – well, I’m going to be sharing the love I am getting with them.  How does that phrase go? Shit rolls downhill?
Have I mentioned how happy I am at how my piece for SEAF turned out – printed, framed and matted?  And printing that photo on the Fuji Pearl paper was the perfect choice.  Good stuff.  I’m very excited.  Now if they would set a date – I’d be more excited.  
Happy Thursday!
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