Feeling Blessed



My other love.


My boy friend.

No matter what I call him.  Nothing seems to capture all of how he makes me feel.  I wrote months ago about how it’s easy for people to call what we were going through as NRE (or new relationship energy) – but it didn’t feel that way.  Nearly six months later, and that feeling has not changed.  I feel our energy not waning but growing.  As we giggle our asses off at each other during a kink scene – feeding each other energy that just takes things higher and higher.  Instead of settling into a routine where it risks much of the same.

And the way I feel about him is doing the same.

He is truly my other love.

Had I not learned so much about energy during my tantra classes last year, I would not understand some of the connections we have.  I would not understand the buzzing I feel when I touch him and him me after a scene.  I would not understand why we seem to know when we each are feeling things that require the other.  We seem to have a connection I have only found with few others.

And it’s amazing.

He came to dinner last night – dinner with the kids – dinner and a zombie movie.  He walked in – the kids said hello – displayed their craziness as I expected – and we had a good night.  He and I were curled up together on the couch.  DJ was sitting next to me while Indigo sat in a chair.  And we laughed, made snarky comments, and just enjoyed the night.  A relaxing “family night” if you will.  And it felt so incredibly right.  Hell, the kids just accepted them as he belonged – and acted accordingly. No best behavior here.

Funny how life goes.

I would not change it.  For to change it would be to miss the opportunity to connect with a man who has brought so much into my life.  Things I didn’t realize I needed. But things I would not trade for anything.

I am truly blessed…..

….and loved.

What do you think?

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