G has always joked that when I am not sleeping all night over the course of several days, a little anal sex would fix that.  His theory was proven once – after a romp with some anal left me tired and sleeping well throughout the night.  

So when I sleep poorly after some anal sex, he is left baffled.  I think it’s because he did his part to help – what am I doing?  
Oh, and to be clear – this is a joke not anything he or I take seriously.  Just one of those weird spousal behavioral connections that he has made. Kind of like when I rub my feet together when trying to sleep – he knows I’m having problems sleeping.  
So I laid there at 1:30am in the morning, wide awake and wonder if I should just say fuck it and get out of bed.  Instead I grabbed my iPad with the intent or reading.  Yeah, reading would put me to sleep.  
Instead, I checked email, looked at Fetlife, noticed certain people were up late too, checked FB to see that my high school friend was up way too late but then again she is recovering from having a mastectomy, and then I read.
And still couldn’t fall asleep.
My mind instead started drifting to my date a week ago with SB.  And as those images replayed in my mind, I decided an orgasm may help – since I have a memory reel of some hot times with SB going, it may help in a few ways.  So I laid there, enjoying the memories as they drifted through my mind and washed through my body – and quietly brought myself to an orgasm – being careful not to wake up anyone. (The joys of being able to get off using manual stimulation vs a vibrator.)
Then as I lay there recovering, my brain went, “That was nice, remember how last Thursday was? What was great too. You should think about that too.”
Fucking brain.
Though I will give to my brain, it picked some great things to think about….happy sigh.
So I went back to reading.  But my brain was still too wound up – it didn’t want to read – it wanted to do stuff.  It had ideas. 
But the logical part of me knew that getting up and following my brain would lead me astray.  And lead me to have even less sleep.
So I tossed and turned and made myself read – and finally fell asleep. Don’t ask me what time.
Today I have had 6 shots of espresso so far.  No good.  
Oh well, who needs sleep. I’ll sleep when i’m dead, right?

What do you think?

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