What a week!

What a fucking week!!

The Boston Marathon bombing.
The explosion in West, Texas.
The shootout overnight in Boston between the suspects & police.
Ricin laced letters being sent to government officials.
Flooding in the Midwest.
And don’t forget the snow they are still being hit with.
Maybe hell is freezing over.
While our thoughts and hearts are with those in Texas and Boston as they continue figuring out what happened, by whom, tend to the wounded, and cry for those lost – I think it’s time for some happiness – some positive – some good stories.
Like the guy who after losing his son in Iraq and his other son to suicide, ended up being a hero post-bombing.  He rose to the occasion and jumped in to help.
Or the stories about people inviting strangers – marathon runners stranded from the chaos – into their homes.  Giving them safety and a place to go when the chaos ensued.
Or the businesses who did the same thing. There was a great story of an Apple store who took people in – loaned them phones to text their loved ones. Gave them jackets and all to be warm – and generally took care of them.
The citizens in West, Texas who ran to help those in nursing homes – who were off duty and responded to the fire – who are still going door-to-door making sure everyone is accounted for.
Or how about the man in his 70s who was involved in a car accident – and whose dog kept him warm until they found him days later.  They said he was in surprisingly good shape given he had been without food or water for several days.  That’s a happy ending.
Or the amazing photographer who shot some incredible photos of a 12 year old boy who has muscular dystrophy.  She had him skateboarding, playing basketball and doing all of the stuff he could never do.   
It’s easy to get sucked into the negative.  It’s easy to follow the news and get sucked into the drama.  And it is horrible – don’t get me wrong. I would never say it was anything but tragic the crap that has happened this week.
I guess, just like anything else in life – we can follow the bad – the blame game, the speculation of who and the why – or you can be in awe of the people who stepped up their game to be heroes.  Because it is times like this, where the heroes can be forgotten.  The heroes can get overshadowed by the tragedy. There is plenty to mourn.  There is plenty to shake one’s head at and wonder why.  But there are some amazing people out there too.  We just need to make sure they get more of the spotlight because they are truly the people shining.
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