Too Smart for Their Own Good

“I don’t see a point in doing it, so I don’t do it.” 

DJ’s logic about not doing homework.  Homework that landed her one F and a D on her report card.  Homework she told us she was doing.
Her logic was truly that simply – she didn’t believe it was ever going to be useful again, so she just didn’t waste her time on it.  When reading a nonfiction article for her English class, she decided the content of the article was stupid – so she didn’t do it.  Missing the bigger picture which was the fact she was learning how to deal with a nonfiction piece instead of their usual fiction piece. It wasn’t about the piece itself.
This conversation led her to tell us all of the other “not worth her time” assignments she has skipped and why.
“Wow, you sure are being short sighted, aren’t you?”
That got her attention.
We explained why she was learning about nonfiction and why the other things she deemed pointless were necessary.  We also explained that if she didn’t find the connection right now, it doesn’t mean she will never find the connection.  Just means, not right now.  
It was one of those parenting moments where raising a kid who just doesn’t accept everything as it is given to her came back to bite us in the ass.  
Unfortunately for DJ – I’m smarter than she is.
“Do you question why your TKD Master makes you do certain things that don’t seem to be connected to your next test?”
“No, because it is probably related somehow.”
“Why are you assuming your teachers are leading you astray but you have faith in your TKD master?”
That look for “oh shit” came acrossed her face.
Yeah, she is now doing homework. And getting caught up.  And asking questions of us if she isn’t seeing a reason.  
“Don’t miss an opportunity to put a tool in your intellectual tool box just because you are 13 and don’t see a point right now.”
Yeah, I think she left thinking I was the worst mom ever.
I win!

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  1. OsShirt says:

    You really know how to do this whole ‘parenting’ thing, don’t you?

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