Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

Who comes up with this stuff?
Grilled cheese?
I’ve decided that tomorrow is Hug a Wombat Day.
Celebrate appropriately.

There should be a special place in hell for people who bug me while I try to work.  Yes, I am here to help. But good lord! Their questions some days are half a step above asking if they can go to the bathroom.  Please, oh, please just leave me the fuck alone.  I distract myself enough – I don’t need help by answering stupid questions.  And they gave me two more people on my project that do the same.  The words of SB pop in my head “shoot to kill” Smile. 

I keep finding bruises all over my legs. Some of them are definitely me being a klutz.  Some I think were from trying to get away from someone’s cane. No, that didn’t work. Thanks for asking. 

DJ tests for her 2nd degree black belt this summer.  So, the training classes have begun – this is on top of her regular training.  Why is she really excited?  She has to do a weapon’s demo – and is being required to use her bo-staff.  Weapons training is her favorite part of TKD.  The kid has a nice collection going – between her wooden long sword, her numchucks, her escrima sticks, and bo staff – she has quite the arsenal in her room.  But the bo staff – she wanted to learn that one for a long time.  Kept bringing it up each time they were talking about switching to a new weapon. Most kids would be nervous going through the testing she will have to go through. Not her.  She is giddy.

Indigo is sad. One of her skateboard wheels needs to be replaced already. Looks like the bearings went out in it. She went out to skateboard yesterday – taking advantage of the sun – and “couldn’t go fast because her wheel was stuck”.  Clearly that was a well chosen christmas present on our part.  She is already eyeing her next pogo stick too.  As she said, she has noticed that she can’t jump as high on it anymore.  She is a goofy kid.

Wanna see a scary graphic? Click here.

The garden is calling my name.  It’s saying “Emmy, come get us ready for planting….”  and “put calcium in us so that you can grow tomatoes without them pissing you off….” and “save us from the dogs” — the last one are the strawberries.  Though the raspberries would likely be saying “save us from the neighbor’s blackberries”  Yeah, there is a lot of work to do.  Having some sun and warm on the weekend would help.

Ok – back to mindless work – and day dreaming of my fun week so far and the fun weekend.
Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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