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My cats hate me – or love me – depending on your viewpoint, I guess.  At 4am, the Siamese comes onto the bed and proceeds to wake me up.  Between the meowing and the cold nose on the eyelids, there was no preventing it.  Then my calico decided to get in on the action.  She had been sleeping at the foot of the bed, but decided to come check out what was happening.  She sits next to my head, and proceeds to drool and rub her face against mine. Ick.

Yes, I could have tossed them from the room.  But both are arthritic and feeble and an emergency vet visit isn’t what I needed.  I gently urged them to move along as G snored away next to me.  By the time all was done, I was awake and everyone else – including the cats – were back asleep.  
Fucking animals.
Gallery opening went amazing last night.  Not bad given I did all of the work and promotion.  Ok – not 100%, but when you take off the total of 6 hrs the other two put in vs my 20 hrs – I think it’s fair to say I did more than my fair share.  
Was it the best show in terms of art? Nope. She had some “weak little sister” pieces (as an old art professor would call them) – they just looked poor compared to the others that were great.  That inconsistency was clear.  But this was the artist’s first show – at 25.  She is clearly still learning and all. I cannot wait to see how things evolve 5yrs from now.  
We celebrated our 10th country live on the system.  10 live, 50 left to go.  As I pointed out to my boss during the celebration, we could be at 15 by now had they not skipped a month for no real reason.  Yay politics.  Oh well. Can’t fix that one – not without a cattle prod and some duct tape.  Hmm…
Oh, and I got my 1yr award too. I laughed given I’ve been here 18 months.  Those first months don’t count, I guess.  Though, I will have to say, I did love the hourly rate as a contractor. I did commend them for putting my full name on my award. All 24 letters.
Oh and I work with lots of closeted kinky people!  A meeting early this week – one manager smacked another manager when he wasn’t paying attention.  I gave him an 8 of 10 in terms of execution.  It was hilarious.  Then yesterday it was announced there would be mandatory body searches for anyone who forgot their badge because “that’s the VP’s favorite part of flying”.  Then this morning someone offered to smack me around to help me wake up.  It should be noted she wanted to be smacked back. If I didn’t know what I know….
I think my manager is out of the office this afternoon.  Maybe I’ll make up a reason I need to be at home just so I can go home and nap.
What a fucking week.
But you know – I have learned a few things:
  • Things can turn out good even if they don’t feel like there is a way to make them turn out good.  As long as the people involved can forgive and learn and communicate – things can be good.
  • You sometimes don’t feel the love of those around you until you are in an emotional crisis – then you are reminded of exactly how loved you are – even when they are gently (or not so gently) smacking you along side the head to make you realized things are happening to make you grow.
  • There is nothing wrong with vulnerability – just got to remember to breath – and have people around you telling you to breath when you are forgetting.
  • Pets do sense when you are in emotional pain.  I swear both dogs wanted to become lap dogs when I was around.  Nice sentiment but not practical given they are two labs.
  • I love SB too much.  And that’s awesome and scary and awesome again.  
Happy Friday!

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