A new day

Yesterday was one of those days where it is a good thing I don’t have weapons at work.  We will ignore for a moment there are lots of things around me that could be used as a weapon.  It doesn’t matter.  Had a had something that was a weapon on my person, I would have beat a few people.

Stupid started early and came often during my workday.  We are in a crunch time, and while I know that people react to intense stress in many different ways, I find focus in it.  It is like the crap falls away and the only thing left is the clear path to the finish line.  It’s a beautiful thing actually.  
Until people try to toss shit back onto my clear path.  Until people start trying to divert the attention from the finish line and the path to get there and onto the stupid and meaningless.
Then I want to start throttling people. Especially after I ask how this fits in with our critical path – and they agree – openly – that it does not.  Only to demand it get the attention anyway.
As SB has often commented – I don’t suffer fools gladly.
I realize that in times of stress, my patience is out the window.  Normally I can summons it when needed but yesterday was an exception.  It was at home, hiding under the bed, or being hidden by the dog.  Who knows.  It was not anywhere near my reach.
From the start of the day, the fools came my way. It was a constant stream of stupid.  And the stupid was amazing.  There were times I literally asked them why we were having this conversation to which they would respond with a half-assed answer and keep going.  I couldn’t shut it down or derail it to save my life.
And as this happened – my inner bitch who wanted to kill someone got louder and louder.
I finally snuck out of work. Nothing more could be done.  It was time to leave quietly.
I walked slowly to my car – trying to soak in the sunshine and let go of the negative energy.  I was doing a fairly good job until I went to work meeting at the gallery.
We had agreed to exactly what needed to happen.  Exactly the to-do-list we needed to get done.  All black and white – nothing was grey.  
Then my helper showed up – and dicked around – and drove me nuts.
I sent a text of that nature to SB – venting a bit.
His response made me giggle.
It was like that moment broke the ice.
G sent me something that made me laugh too.
Then we all met at home and went to dinner.
And DJ was her snarky self.  And next thing you know – we are all laughing.  The day is gone.  The things that are important are shining through – the people who are important are shining through – G, DJ, SB – all of them reminded me to laugh.  Or at least visual great uses for hammers.
And while today is a new day…..it should be a better one.
At least, that’s the hope.  

What do you think?

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