Marriage Equality

This is a big deal for me.  People I love and care for are affected by what is going to happen today and tomorrow in the Supreme Court.  They are going to hear arguments for marriage equality.

I don’t care what your orientation, sex, gender, religion, whatever – you should be able to marry the person you love.  With divorce rates being at all time highs, we can no longer claim it will damage “the traditional values of marriage”.  Fuck, we already did that – those who can marry.

I want gay people to have this right.

I want families of any sort to be recognized.

I want kids of these couples to see that they are normal.

If we treasure family values, it is time we become inclusive of people – not exclusive.

It is time.

Great story about family.
This is the speech that made me proud because it is my state. Awesome!

What do you think?

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