Happy Pi Day!

You know you’re married to a teacher when he goes to wake the kids up – and he has changed the words to a pop song to include 3.14159 and Pi Day.  

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If you need Pi Day PIE ideas, click here.
Or you can measure Pi with hot dogs.  Yeah, he used to do this in his classroom when he taught a different grade.
Or you can say “fuck Pi Day”, I’m going to eat cake to celebrate Einstein’s birthday.  Yes, Albert Einstein was born today in 1879.  
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“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”

Inline image 3Or if you aren’t interested in doing either, you can celebrate the fact we have a new Pope.  Can I just say I am surprised at the outrage people have in terms of who they chose? Some have said they were hoping for someone more “progressive”.  
Uhm, those people should study Catholicism.  Progressive is not what Catholics generally are – especially from a leadership standpoint.  I mean, how progressive do we expect a religion to get when they are still very much a male dominated religion whereby the leadership must abstain from sex (unless it involved each other or alter boys apparently)     and cannot be married. They have a ways to go before they reach a point where they are going to start allowing things like gay marriage.  Sorry, call me a realist on that front, but I am.
Regardless of what you celebrate, I wish you this:
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  1. Jason/Seamus says:

    Yup, I called for a more progressive Papal election. Doesn’t mean I’m not a realist, nor is it an indication I haven’t studied Catholicism, when in fact I am a realist and I have studied as part of my candidacy process for the ministry years ago. The issue I had, and continue to have, is that this election brought in a step backwards (even considering Benedict’s relative conservatism). I had hoped for a step forward, even if just *slightly* less conservative, instead what we see is a reversal in forward movement and a Pope who has dug in deeper with his damnation of same-sex couples.

    So, forgive me for being a realist who still holds on to his youthful idealism and hope for change. 🙂

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