Friday Wrap-Up


I’m writing this high on energy. Night two where I have come home soaring.  Love that feeling even if it means I won’t sleep for a while.  Wednesday night, I was filled with the energy of SB.  Just being around him makes me exhale – makes me relax – puts life into a balance that I need.  And that night, the bubble effect was in full effect.  No matter where we were in relation to each other, the magnetic draw kept us close.  Funny how that works.  I came home happy, high on energy, and just happy. Guess I said that already.  Love it when the right chemistry works out.

Then Thursday night, it was soaring high on the energy from the concert we took DJ to for her birthday.  Great Big Sea – a band from Newfoundland.  Their concerts always feel like huge kitchen parties.  You know those parties – where everyone ends up together in the kitchen – shoulder-to-shoulder, laughing and drinking and just being happy.  And music is playing and the energy is fabulous.  That is what their concerts are like.  It is like they came into a huge kitchen party – and played music for us, told us stories, made us laugh – and just shrunk the room into an intimate space.  I love their concerts for that reason.  Fourth time seeing them, and came away just as thrilled as the first time.  Good stuff.

And DJ was excited.  She has been listening to their music over the past 10 years of their life. Many a road trip did we listen to their music – singing along.  She knew all of the words.  And she laughed at their jokes too.  She was happy and excited and just being a thrilled kid.  Good stuff.

Good birthday.

And in that moment, as I am standing beside DJ and Indigo – Indigo who is within an inch of me in height now, I wondered “how the fuck did they get so huge?!?”  G and I joked on the morning of her birthday that we should have woke her up at 12:20am when she was officially born – and kept her up for about 5 hours with lots of screaming.  Why not celebrate the start of her life by recapping the true start?  Yeah, she’s luck we aren’t that mean……yet.

Thanks to some friends, I am writing a post called “Warning Signs” as part of the Never Pinch a Sadist series.  I shouldn’t really be thanking my friends – more like buying them a drink or twelve.  Yeah, it’s been that sort of week for some of them.  Stay tuned.

I have something of someone’s and she wants it back.  Instead of asking how she could get it back from me – like “Can I pick it up?” – she has accused me of keeping it and, in essence, stealing it.  Yes, because I want it.  So, I now have to MAIL it to her.  Yes, it is my responsibility to get it to her – not the other way around.  This is a great example of how she is towards me.  The world resolves around her.  Yeah.    The only saving grace is that her drama is looking more like a comedy at this point.

Happy Friday!

I leave you with this:

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