Friday Wrap-Up


And the March birthday season has begun!

May/June was a really great month for people in my world to procreate – or at least for their parents to do it.  Seriously, I can think of at least 24 people – friends and family – who celebrate their birthdays this month.  And, three of them are on the same day.  And it starts the month with my friend’s birthday.  A friend who almost died from an aggressive form of breast cancer.  But she’s still here.  And she is now the mom of three kids.  It’s an awesome thing on so many levels.  I never feel like her birthdays are celebrated enough because of it all.

Apparently my youngest Indigo uses “safety words” with her friends while they are on certain playground equipment.  Buttercup is a popular one.  “Well, she didn’t use her safety word, so we let her keep going.”  Uhm, yeah.

It’s always funny to see what people search for that brings them to my blog.  Funny search terms:

  • You are such a smart ass <-- yeah, well, good direct to my blog Google.
  • Wash those cars you sexy bitches <---huh?!?!?
  • Nude girl in barrel <---I have no fucking idea.
  • Too small panties ass <--well, I don't usually wear panties, so I'm sure this was disappointing
  • Spank my butt movie <--those weird dutch people - didn't find it on my site either
  • Sex in Chinese Gardens <-- Nope, didn't do that. Nor would I know where to do that at the garden...hmmm....
  • Monkey grabbing ass <-- No monkeys here.
The family is out of town this weekend.  And SB and I are going to do some vanilla things.  I’m excited actually. I always enjoy spending time with him – kinky or non.  Oh, and there will be kink.  That’s a given. 
I have henna’d my hair a dozen times by now.  I use Lush henna which is fabulous – no chemicals, smells good, but is messier than anything you can use.  I have it down. Or so I thought.  Henna stains – think India henna tattoos.  I swear I got it everywhere yesterday.  Even while wearing gloves.  Thankfully I discovered that the handsoap G uses after he works on the engine works well getting most of it off.  
I need to finish editing my photos for SEAF submission. I have three I love so far.  I’m sure I will have more. I love the series.  50s housewife turning the tables on a bible thumper there to save her.  Such a fun fun shoot.  Still makes me giggle thinking about it. Good stuff.
I must admit – I have become addicted to the reality show Duck Dynasty.  I know it’s staged, but they just make me giggle.  Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up with some of the similar characters.  But I like the fact that grandpa and grandma are trying to keep their grandkids from being those damn yuppy kids.  I like how their wives while not like their mom, have embraced the family too.  And the siblings. hilarious.  It’s stupid but funny.  And for the record, I know how to use a duck call.  Random Emmy fact.   I think this sums up why…
Happy Friday!

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