Tuesday Tumblings

Last night, we attended the Oregon Symphony who was playing their final night of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (think Ode to Joy, if you need a hint).  James DePreist, a man who made the Oregon Symphony what it is today, died over the weekend.  He was a wonderful man to watch conduct – and spent 23 years as musical director at the symphony.  Hearing the news was sad.  G and I held symphony tickets for several years – finally giving them up after our second child was born.  One of my fondest memories was sitting there, pregnant with DJ, listening to a violin soloist and watching DJ dancing in my stomach each time the violin would play.  And trying so very hard not to laugh at the fact the music was reaching her in utero.

This is the song they played in his honor last night.  DJ, when they were done, leaned over to me and said “what a beautifully sad song”.  We all agreed.  Starting it with this song “Gustav Mahler – Adagietto from Symphony no. 5” and ending it with the 9th symphony meant we all totally forgot what they played in between those two pieces.

And for the record, Indigo fell asleep – before she heard ode to joy.  I am sad for her.  But DJ was blown away.  Good stuff. Money well spent.  I’m just glad G saw it and we were able to get the tickets before it was sold out.

I am finally feeling better. Finally.  Outside of too much time in front of a screen yesterday causing a headache, the day was good.  It was nice to get things done.  Hell, I think I got too much done.  Oh, what a problem.  I did have to refrain from telling one of the guys on my team he was a good boy – and patting him on the head.  In that moment, I realized why many when they meet me initially in the kink world think I’m a Domme or a Top.  Like I tell them, that’s just my day job.

I did two different types of photo shoots on Saturday.  Let me back up – I was told by a photographer that showed at the gallery that I needed to show my work.  I told him I should shoot more first.  He told me to get on it then.  Then we had a whole exchange about finding penis in photos.  But that’s a whole different story.  So I bugged a friend who had wanted photos done.  She has a baby girl fetish and wanted some to reflect her baby-girl ways.  It was fun.  Goofy and out of the ordinary – and I had to figure out how to use a flash.  She kept saying upon review of my photos that she liked my camera – they were some of her favorite shots in a long time.  I liked 145 of the shots I took.  And most were straight out of the camera with just cropping.  It blew me away.

Later in the day, I took reference shots for G and Lili’s comic book.  Another over 100 shots taken.  It was good stuff.  Fun to take as I didn’t need to think about poses and such. I just needed to take the shots.  I learned a few things during the process.  And in the end, the spare room downstairs in the basement may become my photo studio.  I need a space where I can control light better.  And take more shots.  In a few weeks, I take the photos I came up with months ago with the goal of submitting them to SEAF.  Errands will be run this weekend to get ready.  I’m excited.

One of my favorite moments this weekend: SB holding my face in his hands, looking me right in the eyes, and saying “you are worthy – more worthy than most people.  never think otherwise.”  Definitely a moment where he was being Daddy.  The other Daddy moment came when we had our 4am romp, but that’s another story.  Have I mentioned he’s also a mean Daddy?  Me = Happy Girl

I am officially the sock girl at work.  I have people who walk by each day to see which socks I’m wearing.  I laugh at them because I have a number of socks, but not enough that most are rarely seen. Still makes me laugh though.

Conversation between me and DJ recently:

DJ: Moe, I need new bras.
Me: Are they too tight, or do the cups runneth over, so to speak?
DJ: What am I supposed to say?
Me: I can take some place to have you fit with a bra.
DJ: They runneth over.
Me: Ok – now I know what we need to buy you.  And I’m sorry for the genetics.
DJ: Yeah, they are getting big.  Stupid boobs.

And lastly, a though for Tuesday….

Kinda changes that song, huh?
Happy Tuesday!

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